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At Awaken Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering our clients excellent website hosting. We have been building websites since 2001, and we have learned a lot about the best ways to design websites so that the client can easily manage it, and so that it loads fast.

The platform

The platform we use for all our website is called WordPress. It powers approximately 30% of the web, and offers a wide range of functionality. Word press is known as a content management system (CMS), and the value in using such a system is that it allows people who have a limited experience with web development to easily make changes to their website such as photos, text, navigation menus.

WordPress is built entirely using modern web standards that are well supported and easily worked with. Furthermore, the philosophy of WordPress is a wonderful example of how open source software can lead to remarkable communities, excellent business opportunities, and most importantly, amazing websites.

When we started building websites in 2001, we built them using standard HTML combined with the dynamic functionalities of PHP. The results were beautiful websites, but which our clients couldn’t easily edit after the website launch.

Since 2010, we have focused our efforts almost entirely on the WordPress platform. The benefits are tremendous, and the entire platform is built using the same PHP language we honed our expertise in for the previous decade. The result isn’t entirely malleable and powerful system on which we can build almost anything for our clients, and which they can then modify easily using the friendly WordPress interface.

The servers

A website needs to be hosted on a server, so that when someone visits the URL, there is a server they’re waiting to »serve » the website to that user. When we started, we would use the servers of third-party companies and the results were average. Those companies would manage all aspects of the server, And therefore if ever we ran into trouble or needed to tweak something in the server settings, we were out of luck.

We therefore moved to develop our own server management system so that we could I have complete control over the machines and the code that were hosting our clients’ websites, and the results have been outstanding.

Website speed

Running our own servers has offered a wealth of benefits compared to using third-party managed servers, and website speed is a primary example of this. Websites that used to take 5 to 10 seconds to load the page now take between two and four seconds. This is a remarkable benefit which comes from leveraging server configuration with caching and content delivery networks. The result is snappier website which is very important to ensure her user satisfaction and no lost leads. Furthermore, we have complete visibility over website performance on the server and this allows us to optimize and improve whenever a website is not loading as fast as it should.

Website backups

Running our own servers also allows us to implement our own custom nightly backup system which ensures peace of mind for both ourselves and our clients. Every website is backed up onto the secure server which is independent from the servers that are hosting the website. This is essential so that if ever something did happen to the server hosting the website we would not lose the actual backups.

Uptime monitoring

Our engineers are notified immediately if ever a website goes down via text message, which allows us to take immediate action. It is extremely rare for a website to go down, but if ever it does happen, it is important to have this technology in place to ensure a quick resolution. The uptime for client websites is typically 100% in any given month, although in some cases is is 99.99% when a brief downtime was intentionally initiated (usually between 2am and 4am) for a website update.

Monthly reports

All websites hosted with Awaken Solutions receive a monthly report which outlines all the updates that were done to the WordPress core and plugins, as well as all the backups, the website analytics (visitors, time on site, etc.) and uptime percentage. Additional information can be provided monthly as well based on the particular clients’ needs.

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